Energy Management Decision Support System

Sayax is a modular, integrated with full time management/decision support system synced with DGPYS (Balancing Power Market Management System) inside EPİAŞ / EXIST (Energy Exchange Istanbul) used by electric companies in the energy market.



Operations & Sales Management

With this module, the whole process can be managed from the first contact with the customer to the invoicing. It has many components such as interview, proposal, contract management, EPİAŞ / EXIST transactions, portfolio registration, onsumption and cost analysis. It also includes components for pre-sales and after-sales transactions.

Finance & Accounting Management

With this module, all invoicing and collection transactions of your customers in your portfolio can be provided with accounting system, offline-online banking, integrator, cargo company etc. integrations and management of official documents and notifications.

Trade & Risk Management

With this module, it is possible to monitor electricity market and related parallel market data, news institutions, announcements and legislative changes of market institutions. In addition, portfolio and market forecasts, market modeling and simulations, cross-border trade, bilateral agreements management, portfolio and risk optimization operations can be performed.

Power Plant Management

With this module, all processes related to plant management can be performed such as preparation of daily plans, making necessary notifications to EPİAŞ / EXIST operations to EPİAŞ / EXIST system, following the received instructions, monitoring of plant production, analysis and reporting.

Customer Portal & Mobile

A web-based responsive and / or company-specific mobile app can open a sales channel for potential customers and enable all online transactions for EPİAŞ / EXISTing customers.

Dealership Portal

Dealerships are able to reach potential customers via web-based interfaces, manage all sales processes through negotiations, offers and contract management.

Organized Industrial Zone Energy Management

Electricity supplier Organized Industrial Zones can perform meter, customer, portfolio management, EPİAŞ / EXIST integration, imbalance management, consumption forecasting, price and settlement estimation, billing management, ERP, e-invoice, bank integration operations.

Digital Energy Management

Digital energy management consumers can perform imbalance management, consumption forecasting, price and substitution forecasting and estimated invoicing.



Data & Mobile

We work to ensure that application developers, academics, researchers and professionals in the electricity market have immediate and reliable access to the data they need.

OTC Platform

We offer a system to build your portfolio, tailor it to your own needs, and provide you with the ability to trade when the optimum conditions for your products or your needs can be defined with numerous options.

Automatic Meter Reading (AMR)

You can have a high-security modems which fully integrated automatic meter reading solution and remote monitoring of all meters according to TEDAŞ meter criteria with low cost, produced completely by our company.


WindTies is a system that enables connection with wind measurement devices over GSM, transmits the data on these devices to a remote server over GSM, processes the raw data received and analyzes and reports.

About Us

Sayax A.Ş. is a leading technology company of Turkey's energy sector.

Sayax A.Ş. has been established by a team of experts in the energy sector since 2008. The company develops original products with local engineering to meet the needs of the rapidly growing, liberalizing and developing energy sector..

For the software and hardware needs in the energy sector, Automatic Meter Reading Systems (AMR), Wind / Solar Measurement Analysis System, EPİAŞ / EXIST integration, management systems and many package programs and mobile products have been developed and launched. In parallel with all these efforts, the company developed a management and decision support system which is in high demand in the electricity market and has a place in the market with Sayax brand.

Sayax A.Ş. is a company focused entirely on the energy sector. By keeping pace with the rapid development of the energy sector, it has succeeded to grow with the sector, has developed special solutions for the leading companies of the sector, and has managed to become the preferred technology company of priority.