Common Interface

  • You can follow the consumption data of your electricity, water and natural gas subscriptions through a single interface.
  • Thanks to the common interface, you can exchange data with third -party ERP systems and even integrate with your suppliers through the system.
  • You can compare the real -time efficiency of all your consumption points and plan improvements in the light of these data.
  • You can see your real -time cost values simultaneously while aspire to your real -time consumption data of all your units.
  • You can see all these cost pens as separated (PTF, YEKDEM, distribution fee, etc.).
  • You can easily check the energy bills from your suppliers.
  • You can easily compare the supplier offers.

Machine Learning

  • You can enter your consumption estimates into the system and share this data in your desired periods with your supplier.
  • You can prevent incorrect inputs with the upside-down values you will determine.
  • With artificial intelligence -supported consumption planning module, you can easily make your consumption estimates.
  • With the support of artificial intelligence, you can minimize your imbalance costs.
  • You can get PTF and YEKDEM estimates created by artificial intelligence.

Flexible Supervision

  • You can control all consumption with warning systems.
  • With your own criteria, you can create critical warnings through the system and make consumption management easier.
  • You can get all these warnings via mobile application, as well as SMS and E-mail notifications you will be informed simultaneously.
  • With these instant warnings, you will be informed when you approach the reactive limit values.
  • If you are a double -term tariff subscriber, it allows you to take precautions without entering the Demand.
  • You can publish all kinds of consumption, productivity and cost reports, use these reports for analysis and in the form of administrator reports.


  • Thanks to its web -based, you can easily access the system from anywhere.
  • With mobile application, you can easily access your data for all your units.
  • You can follow the critical system warnings you will determine at any time via mobile, SMS and e-mail.
  • PTF, SMF, YEKDEM data can be accessed in real time, or you can easily access the data of past years.
  • You can see the production capacity of Turkey and how much production from which source is made.
  • You can quickly access up -to -date legislation and news of the energy market on a single platform.

Consumption Tracking

  • Electricity, natural gas and water consumption tracking
  • Tariff comparison
  • Artificial intelligence supported consumption planning
  • Unbalance management
  • Invoice tracking
  • Collection tracking


  • Fully integrated with EDAS
  • Fully integrated with EXIST
  • Fully integrated with supply companies
  • Fully integrated with banks
  • Current energy legislation guarantee
  • Fully integrated with OSOS systems
  • Integrated with all accounting systems

Warning Systems

  • Reactive exceed warning system
  • Invoice cost warning system
  • Unbalance warning system
  • Industrial registry notifications


  • Meter based reports
  • Business based reports
  • Tariff comparison
  • Contract comparison
  • Contract tracking