Automatic Meter Reading (AMR)

You can have a high-security modems which fully integrated automatic meter reading solution and remote monitoring of all meters according to TEDAŞ meter criteria with low cost, produced completely by our company.

With Sayax Automatic Meter Reading Module, you can remotely monitor all the meters that meet the TEDAŞ meter criteria. Low-cost, high-security, high-tech Sayax modems manufactured entirely by our company you can have a fully integrated automatic meter reading solution.

With Sayax Automatic Meter Reading Module;

  • Your meters can be read automatically from any distance at any time by using Sayax brand GRPS, Ethernet or Wi-Fi modems that comply with the specifications of the location of the meter.
  • All TEDAŞ approved meters can be read, regardless of brand and model. Data sim cards used in GPRS modems are operator independent. (Türkcell, Vodafone etc.) You can work with any operator.
  • The status of all meters can be monitored on a single screen. You can read, list and export index data to excel.
  • You can read Load Profile data (15min / 30min or hourly), list, export to excel.
  • Depending on the meter model, you may receive historical 30, 45 or 70-day load profile data.
  • You can generate OSF forms.
  • You can convert total or three-time consumption to> hourly consumption by profiling with current Distribution Company coefficients.
  • Your meter consumption data, which has been read out by the distribution company and notified to PMUM, can be automatically retrieved using PMUM Web services.
  • Meter and customer-based automatic meter reading system and PMUM data received; You can draw daily, hourly consumption charts and compare your meters or customers. .
  • You can make consumption estimations based on meter, customer or portfolio. You can make consumption estimates on the basis of Distribution Company or provincial directorate, subscriber group or tariff group.
  • It can be read from RS485, RS232 or optical port according to the specification of the meter.
  • Data can be received wirelessly via GPRS, Ethernet or WiFi.
  • You can follow up continuously with low investment cost. Status LEDs can be used to monitor the status of modems.
  • Modems do not need any maintenance. With the options of plastic, aluminum, antennas and antennas, the most suitable option can be preferred.
  • No additional costs due to easy installation and installation.
  • Remote software update modems are constantly kept up to date. There is no need to re-install the system for every new TEDAŞ approved meter.