Trade & Risk Management

With this module, it is possible to monitor electricity market and related parallel market data, news institutions, announcements and legislative changes of market institutions. In addition, portfolio and market forecasts, market modeling and simulations, cross-border trade, bilateral agreements management, portfolio and risk optimization operations can be performed.

Market Data Management

  • G-DUY data (01.01.2007 / 01.12.2009) and N-DUY data (01.12.2009 / today).
  • Daily market reports (market summary screens, instant notifications).
  • Comparative representation of all data with numerous graphs.
  • Price analysis screens and reports (TL / Euro / USD).
  • Data analysis and comparative and filtered analysis of all market data.
  • TEİAŞ daily and monthly report data with tables and graphs.
  • Monitoring of a large number of data, such as operating data, available power, production data, incoming water, etc.
  • EMRA, TEİAŞ, EPİAŞ / EXIST, TCAT, etc. news and announcements instant tracking, email notifications.
  • Tracking all EPID data with EPİAŞ / EXIST daily parameters, DGP instructions etc.
  • Legislation follow-up, law, decree, regulation, follow-up of board decisions.
  • Western line natural gas inflow, natural gas, oil, coal, etc. monitoring of prices.
  • Monitoring of financial data such as exchange rates, industrial capacity utilization rates.
  • Realization and estimated meteorological data from free and licensed companies.
  • Retrospective archive data for all markets.

Trade Management

  • Tracking domestic and international bilateral agreements, cost and profitability analysis.
  • TCAT tender announcements, tender results etc. TCAT follow-up, instant notifications.
  • Cross Border addressee company records, control.
  • Cross Border TCAT schedule preparation, notification and controls.
  • Greece auction announcements, auction results, market data with instant notifications, analysis and reports.
  • Romania, Hungary, Italy, Greece, EEX market prices, instant notifications.
  • Hungary, Greece Italy and EEX futures (Quarter, Base, Peak etc.) data.
  • Price comparison, analysis and reporting in overseas markets.
  • Binary agreements performance reports (agreement, region, country, etc.).
  • Binary agreements collateral and cash flow management.
  • Binary agreements contract and collateral approval process management.
  • Turkey, Greece and Bulgaria, followed by the energy companies and brokerage firms cards.
  • Binary agreement contract and product type definitions, binary agreement cards.
  • MMS bilateral agreement notification and approval.
  • Possibility of integration with Spowex bilateral agreements platform.
  • OTC platforms product tracking, historical OTC data.
  • OTC operations input, analysis and tracking screens.
  • Forward market analysis, reporting.
  • Definition of book, definition of trader and position, transaction follow-up.
  • Portfolio situation monitoring, cost, profitability and risk analysis.

Market Simulation

  • National burden and price estimation models (possibility of custom-tailoring a model).
  • All information about the plant (eff, capacity, fuel, etc.) that will be activated and to be activated.
  • Short, medium, long term demand and price forecasts, analysis and reports.
  • Merit order based, parametric, national market simulations.
  • Marginal plant detection, power estimation, analysis and reports.
  • Integration with 3rd party companies.