Operations & Sales Management

With this module, the whole process can be managed from the first contact with the customer to the invoicing. It has many components such as interview, proposal, contract management, EPİAŞ / EXIST transactions, portfolio registration, onsumption and cost analysis. It also includes components for pre-sales and after-sales transactions.

Dealership and SA Management

  • Sales Advisor definitions, target sales and premium management.
  • Distributor, main dealer, sub-dealer definitions, dealer lists, dealer cards.
  • Dealer commission rate and method definitions.
  • Calculation of dealer commission progress payments in different time and criteria.
  • Access of the dealers to the system via web-based dealer portal.
  • Management of negotiations, proposals, contracts, documents, guarantees from dealers.
  • Analysis and reporting of dealer performance with different criteria.
  • Bulk mail to dealers, bulk announcements via dealer website.

Call Center Management

  • Pre-customer / customer guide, interview records, reporting.
  • Registration of customer requests and complaints.
  • Complaint analysis, corrective and preventive activity reports, creating a CPA Form.
  • Company performance analysis to meet customer demands.
  • Sales consultants, dealers and sub-dealers to meet customer demands performance analysis.
  • Customer integration from incoming call with call center integration, call forwarding.
  • Forwarding requests to the related department, sales consultant and top manager about sms & email.
  • Informing the customer about the requests opened by sms & email.
  • The customer can open a demand through the customer portal, to follow the demand opened.

Interview Management / Potential Customers Management

  • Creating potential customers database.
  • Create a to-do list, assign calls to SD and dealers.
  • Recording all interviews, keeping the history of the interviews.
  • Tracking of the interviews made through the dealer portal and call center.
  • Monitoring, reporting of interview situations, creating proposals from interview records.
  • Determining actions according to interview results, notifications, task management.

Proposal Management

  • Tracking the history of the pre-bid interview, transition from the interview to the proposal.
  • Possibility to produce proposals from single screen and in common format within the rules of the company.
  • Proposal production, revision and approval follow up in numerous shapes and methods.
  • Bottom price, profile cost, market cost, etc. controls and competitive offer preparation screens.
  • Long term price estimation and profitability analysis of quotations, price creation models.
  • Generating bid comparison reports to be presented to the customer.
  • Different offer formats based on distributor, main dealer, sub-dealer and central sales representative.
  • Follow-up of tender documents (invoice sample, signed contract, etc.).
  • Web, mobile-based dealer portal with the possibility of creating offers over the internet.
  • Proposal analysis, market costs, risk costs and target price setting.
  • Offer rules management integrated with Trade Management.
  • Proposal approval mechanism and hierarchical proposal approval management subject to different rules.

Contract Management

  • Converting approved bids into contracts customized by bid types.
  • Creation of different contract templates such as residential, commercial, industrial.
  • Email and screen notifications to manage the contract approval process.
  • Pre-customer, counter cards and EPİAŞ / EXIST access control with contract approval.
  • Contract approval requests can be filed by SD and Resellers.
  • Single screen monitoring and management of the entire contracting process.

EPİAŞ / EXIST Free Consumer Transactions Management

  • Counter, contract, collateral controls with EPİAŞ / EXIST Meter Entry Controls.
  • EPİAŞ / EXIST counter registrations with Web services (Free Consumer transactions).
  • Bulk meter dispatch, batch meter registration, bulk portfolio entries.
  • Portfolio counter entry (portfolio entry lists, counter definitions, counter cards).
  • Thousands of meter free consumer transactions on a single screen tracking.
  • EPİAŞ / EXIST Counter Output Operations, multiple demand status tracking.
  • Alert notifications to customers in multiple demand situations.
  • Monitoring of EPİAŞ / EXIST meter status of dealers via dealer portal.
  • Tools like batch ETSO discovery, double etso alert, responsible assignment etc.
  • EPİAŞ / EXIST reporting free consumer transactions.

Meter Management

  • Monitoring and management of AMR modems and analysis and reporting of index, load profile data.
  • Integration with EDW 3000, distribution companies AMR or 3rd party other AMR.
  • Management of meter basic data with meter cards.
  • Portfolio counters synchronization with EPİAŞ / EXIST approved counters.
  • Entering the counter data collectively with Excel or importing all data into Excel.
  • Sharing of meter data with 3rd party software.
  • Meter cost and consumption analysis, meter consumption profiling.
  • Counter index tracking, reading report creation.

Customer Management

  • Pre-customer cards (from interview and tender records).
  • Portfolio customer entries, customer cards, customer checklists.
  • Customer consumption analysis, reporting and graphs, customer-based consumption estimates.
  • Customer cost and profitability analysis.
  • Customer-based consumption profiling, distribution profiling on the basis of distribution companies.
  • Customer current cards, contract and collateral management.
  • Management of customer documents (proposal, contract, signature circular, tax plate, etc.).
  • Customer automatic and manual bulk email / sms notifications (icmal, index, consumption, greeting etc.).
  • Analysis and reporting under customer groups, channels, sectors, etc. definitions.
  • Customer risk analysis (consumption, collection, collateral, etc.).
  • Customer specific requests tracking, private customers management.
  • Customer Contract preparation, contract cards according to different sales methods.
  • Customer online transactions module management.

Portfolio Management

  • Portfolio manager summary reports, instant portfolio tracking screens.
  • Portfolio cost, risk and profitability analysis.
  • Portfolio consumption distribution analysis, reporting and graphs.
  • Hourly, daily, monthly and long-term portfolio consumption forecasts.
  • Portfolio control reports (consumption, invoice, collection, fund, etc.).
  • Settlement tracking, market costs tracking and imbalance reporting.
  • Portfolio buying and selling notification, tracking, analysis and reporting.
  • Estimation of consumption by profiling and statistical methods.
  • MMS buying and selling notifications.

Consumption Management

  • Automatic updating of consumption from AMR and EPİAŞ / EXIST.
  • GDDK consumption tracking, EPİAŞ / EXIST synchronization.
  • Meter, meter group, customer, customer group, portfolio based consumption analysis.
  • Short and long term consumption estimates.
  • Consumption estimation algorithms and firm-specific adaptations.
  • Profile coefficients, customer specific profile definition, consumption profiling tools.
  • Periodic consumption controls, distribution analysis.