Dealership Portal

Dealerships are able to reach potential customers via web-based interfaces, manage all sales processes through negotiations, offers and contract management.

  • Web, mobile compatible dealer information update screens.
  • Web, mobile compatible call recording, interview process feedback screens.
  • Web, mobile compliant centralized bid rules based on bid creation screens.
  • Instant and automatic transfer of the created proposals to the central system.
  • Ability to design dealer-specific offer formats.
  • Obtaining bottom price approval by proposal analysis before creating proposal.
  • Web-based proposal process management (proposal approval, modification, rejection, etc.) screens.
  • Pre-meter cards, checks for bids passing to the contract stage.
  • Pre-build customer card, counter card.
  • Interactive information sharing, action management in the EPİAŞ / EXIST approval process.
  • Preventing bids from different dealers to the same customer with customer reservation.
  • Possibility of monitoring and controlling each dealer's own customers, meters, contracts.
  • Display of news, announcements, etc. published by the Center.
  • Integration with 3rd party software via web service.
  • Displaying dealer progress payments and reporting in detail determined by the center.
  • Theme and visual change applications, flexible design.