OTC Platform

We offer a system to build your portfolio, tailor it to your own needs, and provide you with the ability to trade when the optimum conditions for your products or your needs can be defined with numerous options.

With the bilateral trading platform sPowex we developed, we propose a real trading platform, unlike other systems in the market that offer esas brokerage services ”. Create your portfolio and create your own According to your needs, we offer a system that allows you to trade when the optimum conditions arise for the products you offer or your needs that you can define with numerous options. All trade between you and your partner company, fast, safe, low cost and we want to be done correctly. Since all our systems are integrated with each other, analyze market parameters using the data analysis component of Sayax Decision Support System, for example, or Sayax Energy Management System portfolio management. You can trade by creating clock-based products as you wish for the actual needs of your portfolio within a certain date range or your production phases.