Finance & Accounting Management

With this module, all invoicing and collection transactions of your customers in your portfolio can be provided with accounting system, offline-online banking, integrator, cargo company etc. integrations and management of official documents and notifications.

Invoices Management

  • Automatic generation of active energy draft invoices by the system.
  • Automatic approval of invoices of certain criteria with collective approval rules.
  • Tracking special customer invoices on separate screens.
  • Invoice consumption controls with single or batch EPİAŞ / EXIST consumption updates.
  • Numerous different invoice designs and counter based invoice design options.
  • Dynamic invoicing with each counter, customer, status for different billing images, preview.
  • Integration with 3rd party accounting and ERP software.
  • Possibility to create invoice attachments in different formats.
  • Authorization management such as invoice creation, approval, printing and month closure with user authorization Integration with cargo companies, creating labels, barcodes.
  • Management of cancellation, return invoices.
  • Automatic generation of reactive penalty invoices from index information imported with excel.
  • Maturity difference, stamp tax, possibility to create all other commercial invoices separately.
  • Invoice offsetting and approximate billing options.
  • Direct integrator connection for E-Invoice and E-Archive with Sayax® E-Invoice adapter.
  • Management of incoming invoices (Distribution company, Teiaş etc.).
  • Tracking system usage costs on the basis of distribution company and provincial directorates.
  • Invoice control reports (previous period consumption comparison, zero fund, etc.).

Notifications Management

  • Follow-up of municipal cards with iban, official, contact information etc.
  • Automatic generation of BTV declarations and printing in desired format.
  • BTV payment list creation, bank statement, BTV distribution reports
  • Creating monthly and 3 year TRT declarations.
  • Creating Energy Fund Declaration.
  • EMRA 6 monthly notification report generation.
  • Create BTRANS notification for Subscriber and Invoice XML packages.
  • Generating BS, DBS, DTS, OTS etc reports.
  • Bulk notification of customer invoices via Email and SMS.
  • Management of customer other batch Email and SMS notifications (icmal, announcement, reminder etc.).

Collections Management

  • Collection tracking screens, manual collection transactions.
  • Bank definitions, bank collection operations.
  • Customer statements, delay tracking, automatic maturity difference calculations.
  • Execution proceedings, execution of collections management.
  • No debt writings demand and approval process management.
  • Collection performance reporting (company, customer, channel, etc.).
  • Continuous collection follow-up with collection notifications and reporting.
  • Automatic collection transactions with bank OTS, DBS, DTS, KFT notifications.
  • Integration with all banks and PTT.
  • Integration of credit card payments with customer online transactions module.
  • Collection negotiation management, call center integration.
  • Reminder, warning, interrupt notification, etc., and management of email / sms notifications.
  • Custody and cutting request management.
  • Customer and distribution company collaterals management, collateral risk analysis.
  • Customer collection risk analysis.