Integrated Subscriber Management

  • You can manage natural gas water/waste water subscription transactions, especially your electricity subscriptions.
  • You can easily create electrical, water, natural gas and dues of your subscriptions in accordance with the energy legislation.
  • When working under the guarantee of legislation, you quickly adapt to the necessary changes without being affected by all changes in energy legislation.
  • You can issue all kinds of consumption, productivity and cost reports, use these reports for analysis and in the form of administrator reports.

Warnings and Notifications

  • You can control all consumption with warning systems.
  • You can create critical warnings through the system with your own criteria and you will facilitate consumption management.
  • In addition to consumption warnings, you can create warnings related to the subscription management that you will decide yourself.(Industry Registry History, ……
  • You will be informed about the PTF, SMF, YEKDEM, production data of the energy market as well as sectoral legislation changes and current news.
  • You can get all these critical system warnings you can determine through mobile application or you can also get it at any time via SMS and E-mail.
  • When making such notifications to your subscribers, you can also create your notifications to public institutions such as TRT and BTV with a single click.

Subscriber Portal

  • You can follow the instant consumption tracking of all your subscriptions through their users.
  • Likewise, your subscribers can easily access all their past and current invoices.
  • You allow your subscribers to create online demand.
  • You can also follow all these operations through mobile application.

Full Integration
  • Easily integration with all third -party software/systems you need is offered.
  • You can perform all your operations related to EPİAŞ and TEİAŞ with the full integration of EPİAŞ/TEİAŞ available.
  • With many accounting programs, you provide full integration with the accounting programs used through the current integration.
  • Likewise, you will have the possibility of integration to e-invoice and e-Archive integrator.
  • If you read your electricity, water or natural gas meters remotely reading (OSOS, SCADA, etc.) systems, you will have the opportunity to integrate with these systems.

Billing and Collection Management
  • You can easily create invoices of subscriptions of all your units (electricity, natural gas, water) and be easily integrated with the accounting program you use.
  • You can make invoices in accordance with the energy legislation with the invoice types you can create in the design you want.
  • You can easily create your invoices by defining any type of billing method including invoice according to the hourly profile used in the SKT method.
  • However, you can easily make collective billing or deduction invoice transactions.
  • You can manage your collection operations by working online/offline with all banks.

Consumption Management
  • You can follow all your internal consumption or all consumption values of your subscribers on a meter -based instantly.
  • You can notify subscriptions that are likely to be punished by checking the reactive energy values of subscribers instantly.
  • With many accounting programs, you provide full integration with the accounting programs used through the current integration.
  • With closer and instant monitoring, you provide a more efficient and healthy network management.